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I am photographer and videographer based in Slovenia, but available worldwide. My primary work is based around commercial and event photography. I love to photograph big sport events and concerts. In every situation I want to freeze unforgettable and spontaneous moments that will be captured forever. Lately my passion for video increased a lot and I started producing videos and complex live streams.

From 2012 to 2015 I studied at Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security on University of Maribor. In early 2015 I followed my dreams and started my own company. In my carrer I have managed and led over 620 project for over 160 clients from all over the world.

At the beginning of my professional carrer my main focus was on photography and videography. Over time I learned new skills and started with  new projects. That includes video live streaming, social media management and social media advertising, building and maintaining websites, digital design and network management.

Passion for sports and everything connected to it was always apealing to me so in 2016 and idea arose about agency to support athletes and help them achieve their dreams. So with a freind we established sports management agency Sport Attack. We work with individual athletes, clubs and national federations to help them with sponsorships, social media, media relations, public image and many more things.

In last few years my passion for esports is growing and i am getting familiar with with industry and  biggest esports organisations in the world. Mountains and nature were always on the top of my free time activites to clear my head and brain-storm new creative ideas. Traveling around the world is also very important to me so I can discover new places and cultures.


Wide variety of skills I acquired over the years


My main passion since I was little was photography and over the years it grew from hobby to profession. I photographed first World Cup race when I was 16. Since then I have done countless international sporting events, offical events and photographed some heads of state.

Photo editing

Mostly I edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for the events and most of the images that I produce go through it. I have mastered Lightroom in a way that I can process photos quickly and in detail. For more complex edits I do retouching in Adobe Photoshop.


Videography goes in hand with Photography. Many skills and elements that I learned in photography I transfer to video in it makes videos that more appealing to the eye.

Video editing

Video editing is much more complexed and it takes more time to make amazing final product. It is not only about cutting and assembling footage but making it flow and be attractive for the viewer. Creating animations and little details is very important and once everything falls into place final product is at the highest possible level.

Live production

I started with live video production a few years ago, before it was popular as it is nowdays. It is more then just streaming a video via internet. To make it look and sound great you need to plan ahead. I have done many live stream from small to big ones and everytime I face new challanges. It is important to build reliable system and have a knowledge of switching cameras, applying graphics, transitions and other elements to the stream.  In live production sound is very important par too. Audience wants clear and loud sound and that is only possible with right master mix for internet that usually has to be different from the stage mix.

My agency

In 2015 I decided to pursue my passion

Before collage ended I knew what I wanted to do and I took a chance with it and opened my own company to start doing things I live professionaly and put smiles on clients faces. Since then we finished over 751 project for more than 335 clients from all over the world.

Last few big projects

Production of video and live stream for  Gimnazija Celje Center

Since COVID-19 hit last year it is very hard for schools to reach new students. So for this year's presentation days we produced more then one hour long live event for them. Event showcases school, extracurricular activities  and much more.

Offical photographer of Prešern award show


It was an honor  to be part of this big project. Since event could not take place as it usually does on February 7th everything was filmed and produced in advance to be played on national TV. I was chosen as the event and production photographer. I made not only photos from the ceremony but also images of award recipients in the mobile studio for media purposes.

Folktale from Savinja valley The Water Man


For Prešern day I produced a video based on local Folktale about Water Man that is different from the original that was written by France Prešeren.

Animated folktale from Savinja valley


They wanted to refresh old website with fresh new and modern design and add new functionalities to make it very interactive. New website is created in a way that new visitors can find infromation about specific countries very fast and engage with community.

Design and production of the new website for Government Office for Slovenians Abroad


They wanted to refresh old website with fresh new and modern design and add new functionalities to make it very interactive. New website is created in a way that new visitors can find infromation about specific countries very fast and engage with community.


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